There Are Different Kinds of Kubos

Kinds of Kubos

ImageWe also plan to place a logo on these sites.  These will display different Kubos with a Kubo sponsor rating as follows:

"Start-Up Kubo"
Package: Basic Kubo
Photo: A part built real kubo...
Qualification: A kubo with 3-5 sponsors.
Rational: Kubo's cost money, these Kubos must be helped!  They are being built!

"Pioneer Kubo"
Package: Basic Kubo
Photo: The Start-Up kubo after it is finished being built!
Qualification: A Kubo with 6-8 sponsors.
Rational: A full blown Kubo is estimated to cost P800 a month to fully maintain.  These Kubos are just approaching the break even point!

Image"2nd Class Kubo"
Package: Advanced - Plus Forums
Photo: A better, but average house!
Qualification: A Kubo with 9-11 sponsors.
Rational: These Kubo's have paid their own way and may have a little to share with a Start-Up Kubo.
NOTE: At this level we allow add in components/modules that require Database access (like a forum).

"1st Class Kubo"
Package: Advanced - Plus Forums
Photo: A mansion in Cebu!
Qualification: A Kubo with 12-14 sponsors.
Rational: These Kubos are actually helping to spread Kubos to other areas.

Kubo Coffee"Super Kubo"
Package: Advanced - Plus Forums - Plus a seat on the Philippine Kubo Advisory and
Development Council.

Photo: The White House?  Malacanang?
Qualification: A Kubo with 15 or more sponsors.
Rational:  These are the most active Kubos and helping other communities the most!  They deserve a voice!


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