The Kubo 4 Communication

Kubo Flash

We want to open more Kubos in more communities.

But we need dedicated Kubo Administrators.

A Kubo Admin does NOT need to know HTML, PHP or MySQL - if you don't know what those are, don't worry!

We need people with HEART who will make a Kubo a benefit to their Community.

Get a team to write stories and the rest is as easy as surfing the net!

Grass Roots

Grass RootsThe Kubo 4 Communication is a �Grass Roots� project that seeks to provide a community portal for any and even every community in the Philippines.

Your little Kubo4 is not supported by the government, nor by big business wanting to impress you. Politicians do not control your Kubo4 either. It is by and for the community the Kubo4 serves. Your community Kubo4 is supported by sponsors in the community that are willing to give up just P100 a month to give something back to the community that they benefit from.

Your Kubo4 You! It is written by and for people in your community. People in your community administer your Kubo4. It is all about your community!

The Kubo Idea

Kubo CoffeeWell, grab your cup of coffee and let's talk how we built the Kubo idea…

First, let's talk Grass Roots!  For a Kubo to be successful it must be something at the Grass Roots Level!

Everything you read on the Kubo 4 Community is written by people in that community. It is not sponsored by big companies or by Politicians or by the Government... It is written at the Grass Roots level by regular people like you and me!

If it is supported by the government - then the government gets to say its thing!  Well, we have plenty of sites!  Some are good and some are… well, you know!

A Kubo can't get its support from Politicians either!  Would you completely believe what every politician would pay to have you read?  Every one?

Likewise, if the Kubo's were supported by big national and international businesses, we might not expect it to be so free and open when it comes to some topics!

Actually, a Kubo needs "grass roots" support from within the community it servers.

ImageWhat does a Kubo cost?  Well, with high-speed bandwidth so it can be seen all over the world… 24/7!  And the cost of man power to do a constant stream of program updates and improvements, we at first figured maybe P6-7,000 a month!  However with connections from friends - and newer ways of doing things - we believe that we can keep a Kubo running smoothly for a small P800 for the whole thing!  Obviously this is not going to make any money!

WOW! At that price we could open 10 Kubos for 10 towns!

Likewise if we found some local sponsors we could open more - maybe one for every town and city in the Philippines!  Just eight sponsors of P100 a month would pay for a Kubo!  P100 is about half what I spend taking my wife to lunch at a cheap place… and Sunday Pizza for the family can easily run 10 times that little P100 for a Kubo!

Just a few people and community business willing to support a Community Kubo for only P100 a month - now that is grass roots!

Well, that's the Kubo idea!  Help Communities help themselves with a real, high quality, but low cost Internet Portal - A Kubo 4 Communication!

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